Best Recipes Idea For Easy Meal preparation

Breakfast is the most important meal of your day and you should mix your early meals often just to eat different food. So why not change your routine a bit with some of the following recipes that we have prepared for you? Healthy, tasty and fast to make, these will become quickly a part of your daily menu as these are very delicious!

Mustard with avocado and whole-wheat muffin

Are you a fan of muffins? If so, these muffins with mustard and avocado on top will be the favorite meal for breakfast. You can also add a boiled egg to increase the calories of the meal. This is an ultra-fast, tasty and healthy recipe that you can easily make. The sour flavor of mustard matches perfectly well with the refreshing avocado!


Easy banana bread

If you like sweets, but can’t help yourself, then this banana bread is all you need. It does not contain any sweets and artificial chemicals that could do harm to your body. Instead, this is a sugar-free, healthy and moist bread with a banana that is great for breakfast.

Add a bit of peanut butter to increase the protein amount and you will enjoy in this bread that everybody love!

Scrambled eggs with beans, tomatoes and pesto

In case you need a breakfast full of protein and fiber, this recipe is the right thing. You will intake a lot of proteins, fiber, vitamin C, potassium, folate, and lycopene. You can even remove pesto if you want to, but have in mind it gives a distinct flavor to the meal. It is totally up to you!

Chicken Meal Prep

Fruit and cheese

There is no better way to start your day than eating a fresh apple and a slice of cheese. This is the perfect combination that everyone likes, especially when you use a few sour apples. Easy to make, easy to eat and full of good ingredients that you need for your body to get you going through the day. Combine Gauda with green apples to achieve the best taste combination that you will not forget ever!