The Best Dutch Traditional Restaurants In Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam is a huge place of never-ending entertainment so you can expect to see many traditional and authentic restaurants that offer the fantastic menus full of delicious food items. As we have visited this city and its museums, we present you the best traditional restaurants you should visit. The set of authentic meals and genuine cuisine recipes will blow your mind once you come and try!

De Blauwe Hollander

The cabbage salad, pumpkin soup or sauserkraut are one of the best examples of this fantastic restaurant that prepares only authentic Dutch meals. This place offers big portions and tasty food that represents the real flavor of the Dutch cuisine.


The staff is more than welcome and will provide you any help needed. Also, the place is near the Central area of Amsterdam so you can easily get to the walking area so you can burn your calories fast!

The Pantry

If you are looking for the traditional and authentic Dutch atmosphere, The Pantry is exactly what you need. Shrimps, smoked cheese and salted herring were our favorite meals as they get you back to the history of the Dutch past! Do count on large portions and delicious desserts, as well as authentic stews.


The friendly staff will convince you to choose even the meal that you would not choose so do count on their friendliness and professionalism. This place offers one of the best desserts so do not afraid to order something from menu to add a bit sugar to your diet!

Bar Alt

This is one of the most authentic restaurants that you will find in Amsterdam. The chefs that work here are in constant communication with the guests, so you can be sure that you will get the proper recommendation guidance. Whatever you choose, you will be delighted with the perfect balance of flavors! It will make you to order more and more and make you to come back again to this place!