The Best French Traditional Recipes

As we have recently visited France, we are still under the impression of their authentic cuisine that is well-respected all over the world. Their cooks are regarded as one of the best ones as every dish from their kitchen is tasty, nutritional and healthy above everything. We have prepared a short list of the best dishes from French traditional cuisine and you can probably make any of these at your home. We will not provide recipes for these this time, but rather to inform you what you should try if you ever go to France.

Bistro Nicoise Salad

For all fans of salads and classic flavors, this bistro Nicoise salad is a tasty recipe that combines tuna, potatoes, egg, olives and green bean. However, the secret ingredient is anchovies that is added to the recipe. It is a quick dish that is prepared easy, but it provides a lot of nutritional values for your body. A must try if you ever come to this country.


The lobster soup

If you are a fan of creamy soups with seafood, you should not skip the lobster bisque. While it is a light meal, the fresh lobster meat is soaked in French Cognac (Courvoisier) and then prepared. This gives the authentic note and flavor that you cannot get anywhere.

Spinach soufflé

Soufflé is always a synonym for a good dessert after the tasty dinner. However, the French love to make soufflé with spinach and take this dish to the next level. As the chef told us, the main catch is to beat and mix eggs properly and carefully. Too much of mixing will definitely spoil the structure and the final look of this super-healthy and tasty dish.


Chicken in wine

France is known to have fantastic wines as they have a great climate for grape growing. Coq au vin (rooster in wine in French) is one of the most authentic meals you can get in France. Usually, the chicken is stuffed with vegetables and the perfect fusion of flavors create the totally new eating experience. One of the most favorite meals for our team!